Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pollatha Madana baanam - Hey Raam - Postlude

De song Pollatha Madana baanam is basically a marathi lavani song and exactly from 02:35 the rhythm would change, which is not only more Ilayarajaish, but also damn peppy and awesome. My God, as far as I am concerned for de 1st time, a marathi lavani song ends wid western classical elements. Yup, listen to dis song from 03:10, which has kinda royal symphony score {not like concerto}, kinda gustav malher work. You know wut? Infact kamalji requested Raaja sir to have something like Wagner's work at end of dis song.

"Yaanai varum pinney, mani osai varum munney", alike vibraslap at 02:47 and 02:53 would let heed us that some orchestra work gonna come in a few minutes as vibraslap is being used in orchestra works as well.

However, Raaja sir went one step ahead and made de score wid symphony elements and also indian Tabla tarang. Initially, (3:10) it has harp {eh?} then choir, violin n cello orchestra join wid triangle, Tabla tarang, piano (or harpichord?) and exactly by 4:01 de flute would steal al de hearts. Finally, oboe, trumpet, tuba, french Horn and cymbols would accompained and finish de song, which never happened in Indian film music before. You bet!


~~Raaja rules!


Emjay said...

The last ending pieces of this song is just mindblowing !!

New kenny on de block ;) said...


When first time I listened to this song, that too de postlude, OMG!!! my heart skipped beating. Such a haunting piece!


~~Raaja rules!