Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poove Ithu Poojai Kaalam - Gramathu Athiyayam

This song has a prefect blend of pleasure and pain...I guess, while composing dis song, Raaja sir was keen to create so much pain widin us wid de help of Indian flute, western classical string orchestra :) frame drum, tabla and gorgeous folk tune...B.S. Sasirekha has rendered her voice for dis song, which is admirable.

Kinda simile: If ya'll intensely listen to de movement of string orchestra througout de song, will be more like moon irregularly hides herself behind or widin de grey clouds due to shyness {wink}.

Magical Flute - in de prelude and first interlude gives feel of reachin heaven's garden and also, last good-bye to yer classmates at 12th farewell party (tat's why I've mentioned as prefect blend of pleasure and pain...gotcha)

Ektara - given pulse rhythm to dis song.

Usage of Frame drum and tabla stimulate to fingers strike...

Eventually, Sasirekha accomplish de song wid de word - Poove, am listenin dis song for more than 10 years and still it has its own aroma and freshness.


~~Raaja rules!

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