Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Of-late, I happened to listen to the songs from the movie - Pickpocket after a long time & was moved by the orchestration, which was so trendy & peppily.

The movie - Pickpocket, I believe it was directed by GM Kumar who is now a character artist in many Tamil movies.

Songs in this movie are in different genres:

Kaathal thiruda periya kaathal thiruda is “A Polka” song with Celtic 2nd Interlude. It is based on 2/4 time signature. At 1st interlude, western choir sings the “Mangalyam Tantunamena Mamajeevana”.

Manja kuruvi manja kuruvi konja paakkuthadi is a Latino number with Brazilian brass arrangement & stunning male choir at 2nd interlude.

Soodu romba soodu intha paalu sempu paalu is an erotica folk number with folk oriented western poly-rhythm. The prelude starts with bubble tones & raw funky wah-wah effect of electric lead guitar.

Velai velai ellorukkum undu starts with snooze, Raaja sir originates with morning raaga. If someone complaints that this song sounds more of Vishwanathan velai vendum then answer is yes. To my perception, Raaja sir is intend to compose this song with tinge of Vishwanathan velai vendum as both are same situational song. It is a Rock & roll song with boogie woogie piano fingering. 2nd interlude has different rhythms, for me lapping on Rhythm pad sounds like Namma ooru oththa adi {wink} & rock & roll elements of whistling, boogie woogie fingering & brass arrangement, however, with folk oriented rhythm.


~~Raaja rules!

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