Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New start :)

So...dis is may 1st post here onto mah new blog :)

A couple of days before, we happend to reinstall our system (C drive alone) and n I've lost al my collections of rare songs, articles bout Raaja sir n His compositions, pixels, MBA module (websites), up to 100 songs from which rahman has of a sudden, everythin were vanished....De person who has installed my system has advised me to keep those information at some separate e-mail account.

However, I ended up here...

Henceforth, I would be postin al de information wutever, I've come across...especially al bout Raaja sir...

Ellorukkum Nalla Kaalam Undu neram Undu Vaazhvile

Illaarukkum Nalla Maatramundu yetramundu Ulagile....

~~Raaja rules

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