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Normally, other composers copy from Raaja sir's compositions and modify it and release it under their name to sell de album, however, in dis case copyin' de write-up (mine is not music review, though...jus an interpretation of HIS Music) of poor fan/devotee of Raaja sir :)

IndiaGlitz [Monday, August 06, 2007]


ohreally (yeah, its me...) — July 21, 2007 @ 10:21 am (Infact, I did same write up a days before at Orkut under Forum - Sooriyan)...

Ambe Vaani:

Indiaglitz: the song is a complete carnatic treat from the soul stealers, the musician and the singer of international acclaim. Yesudas with his magnetic voice always gives his extreme best in these types of songs.

Me: Anbe Vaani - a complete carnatic treat by both de soul stealers. Overwhelmin, Yesudas wid his magnetic voice...


Indiaglitz: lovely tune with rhythmic bass percussions

Me: lovely tune wid Raaja sir’s contemporary style as backin orchestra. Wow, charamans starts wid bass percussion (Bass percussion, its a wrong term,

Manase Manase:

Indiaglitz: The song and its percussion's have a touch of Rajasab’s Oliyilae Therivadhu song.

Me: programmed percussion sounds like Oliyilae therivadhu song (Maybe he/she has felt de same as wut I did

Paattellaam :

Indiaglitz: The classical violin in first interlude of the song and electric guitar & classical violin in the second interlude are highpoint of the song, (ditto)

Me: Solo classical violin in 1st interlude of dis song and electric guitar & classical violin in 2nd interlude are rockin’ n highpoint.


Indiaglitz: But the album may be real musical feast in this noisy musical era, to the lovers of classical and serious listeners of music

ME: A real musical feast in dis noisy musical era…Overall, I feel peacock feathers were been fluttering on mah ears.

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