Sunday, December 23, 2007

Aasai raja aareero from Moodupani

I should say it is a simple, short (1:03 minutes) high-profile melancholic lullaby by Raaja sir.

Dis song had been aptly Placed in de movie or composed at re-recording :-/
It has nuance of Blue genre of music as dis song has adagio (Musical term - A tempo having slow movement)...

If ain't wrong, Organ has been used as bassline and synth/keyboard in betwixt de vocal part. Only 2 instruments??? Or both de sounds were created through synth/keyboard...?

Contralto (Musical term - Lowest female singing voice) of Uma ramanan is damn gud.

Sound of synth/keyboard is more like acceptin wutever Uma ramanan sings, I have a feel like it...

Raaja sir is one of de best Organ players in India before He has incarnated as a composer.

~~Raaja rules!

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