Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ethilum Ingu from Bharathi

It is such a haunting SEMI-classical melody wid noteworthy Gamakam/quaver (ain't talkin about 1/8 count) or vocal improvisation. It has an exceptional poly-rhythm pattern throughout de song, which I have never heard in any other song...eh? Pallavi has Ganjeera and congos or its sound produced through synth? De same rhythm pattern continued at 1st interlude as well, which changes for 1st charanam and Ganjeera plays vital role there. In de 2nd interlude, tabla tarang takes de credit for rhythm. Now mirudhangham, tabla tarang and cymbol (uncommon combination) would play phenomenal role in de 2nd charanam.

Dis kinda 2 different rhythms for 1st and 2nd charanam in any other semi-classical song? Yup, it is for Kottathilye kovil pura from Idhya kovil :-) 1st charanam has Tamte/Tammatai/buffalo drum/Duff for rhythm,however, 2nd charanam has mirudangam (for me sometimes it sounds like Tabla :-/ ). At the same time, I feel only the percussion differs and not main rhythm sounding...whimsical :-/

Okay, bout 2nd interlude...@ 02:48 - 03:02, there is a solo violin and flute were played Simultaneously, de same melody. Violin stops at 03:00 itself and flute continues for an extra 2 seconds to break de abrupt ending of its role.

Tune is too beautiful and gorgeous wid more reality. Singer Madhu's voice is adding ice to de cake. Raaja sir's strategic orchestra arrangement neva induced de color of contemporary songs, I mean its a period movie and happens by mid of last century. Still it has its own aroma and freshness. You bet!

BTW, lyrics by Pulavar Pulamaipithan.

Paavana guru by Lalitha dasa: This song was used by MSV and Raaja sir in Mella thirunthathu kathavu and in Music journey - Live in Italy by Raaja sir with western music elements. Whenever, I listen to Ethilum iruppaan song, Paavana guru (Italy concert version) comes in my mind for sure. Both are based on different raagas, though.


~~Raaja rules

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