Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oru Kaithiyin Dairy - Ithu Rosa Poovu

~~It is a funk song wid un-usual earthy southindian instrument like orummi melam and noteworthy brass in de interludes. Ambiguity lyrics {perverted :O thoughts}. So, not for kuttie pasanga like me (under 18). {smile}

Amazing interludes...

Stunning bass guitar wid peppy alto sax initiates de song. Is it distortion guitar or synth in bassline? Trombone keeps de full stop for it. 1st two lines of pallavi originate wid open chord played on guitar. Afro-rhythm for pallavi and snares in de charanams have miami pattern rhythm nunaces.

Alto sax was replaced with soprano for calls and was responded by bass guitar. Trombone and soprano plays melody wid different timing follows stretto rule. 1:27 - 01:36, yet again unconventional factor...orummi, baton {drum}, bass guitar, synth...ennapa ithu combination?

It has laugh-burster vocal candenza, however, wid 2 or more voices...who is tat broncobuster? {Jus kiddin...}

~~Raaja rules!


Arjun said...

u seem to hav gud knowledge abt d different instruments used...its certainly heatening to see young ppl lik u to listen to illay songs..keep it up buddy...njoi music..

New kenny on de block ;) said...

Hello Sir,

Thanks for stopping here. I grew up/raised listening to HIS compositions. His Music is incorporated with my inner soul and so, these write-ups. His Music is alike a guiding star for me. {smile}


~~Raaja rules!