Friday, July 4, 2008

Raaja sir Vs MJ

Someone at orkut wanted to compare the song MJ's The way u make me feel with Raaja sir's Aasai Athigam - Marupadiyum.

The way u make me feel:-

Its my VERY favorite song in MJ's composition {its his own composition, infact}.
It has well structured poly-rhythm. It has rhythm programming, Synthesizers, Synclavier {which is a sampler and has pre-recorded rhythms and sounds} and trumpet. It is a typical electro-pop. It also has vocal harmony and vocal counterpoint/contrapuntal.

BTW, have you ever heard de song - Vennila ennodu vanthu aadava from Nyaya tharasu, Charlie would dance for it? It has ditto same Rhthym programming/loop of "The way u make me feel".

Aasai Athigam:

Prelude & pallavi have 4 different rhythms, one is finger snap, which should have been made through drum machine or synthesizer, 2 different rhythm pattern play same melody/tune, however, wid different range. One mabbie produced by Rhthym programming and other by pad or drum machine. 4th rhythm is through live percussion {bass drum}. Highlight of de song is usage of Bassoon {eh?} at de 1st interlude. Interludes have cute banjo as well.

1st interlude and charanam have live percussion {kinda bangos} wid bass drum. 2nd interlude has bass guitar and banjo make harmonic structure. Does Janaki hum de improvised melody of banjo at 2nd interlude? It is a folk song makes tribal ambience through tune and orchestra. This mabbie, hi-profile tribal song {smile}.


~~Raaja rules!

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