Friday, May 9, 2008

1st time Baroque music and Indian

~~Kaadhal Oviyam kandein - Kavikuyil :-)

It should be for de 1st time in indian music history, Raaja sir has attempted to fuse two different era/region's music in this song. In de interludes, baroque period music has been played as bassline and veena + classical violin were played on top of it. It is also Singer Sujatha's first time song. However, it is not filmed.

Especially, @ 01:01 - 01:05, a classical violin plays de melody wid western string orchestra accompainment + mirudangam for rhythm. Also, @ 01:57 - 02:08, western choir on top of it Veena had been played with mirudangam for rhythm and guest appearance of santoor {smile}. And my VERY favorite seconds are 02:50 - 3:00...Oh jesus!!! A classical violin wid amazing baroque pattern string orchestra accompainment has been used and ALSO, drums played wid brush and mirudangam interlaced to create poly-rhythm structure. Just for a couple of seconds, string orchestra's call was responded by Choir. Coda of guitar to break up its magic and gives lead for different melodic zone. Now, harmonic progression @03:00, choir wid guitar combination for 4 seconds and again veena has been played wid {03:05 till 03:11} choir accompainment, coda of string orchestra to re-route de song to vocal part for last charanam. To my surprise, this song does not have prelude, just a lead for pallavi through a humming.

One doubt? @ 01:40 - 01:43...she sings as "Poonthrendral thamazha-inthu vara"...I think it should be "Poonthrendral thavazha-inthu vara"???...Anyways, Poonthrendral (dis song) thavazha-inthu vara, naan ennai marainthein ;-)


~~Raaja rules!

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