Monday, September 22, 2008

Counterpoint or canon?

I always wonder how come most of de ppl say En kanmani un kathali from Chittukuruvi has counterpoint. I go with wut other say. However, still there is a digression, when almost everyone says En kanmani follows Counter-point rule or as per Sathish it is delayed counter-point then why should a layman {yeah, it's me}, says it does follow Canon rule?

Kindly have a glimpse on below chart, wherein I've tried to make it's melody structure overlapping:

Un kaadhalii
Ila maanganii
unaip paarththadummm,

Would you accept de point all these three sentences/lines sung in same melody???

Sirikkinradheyyy & Sirikkinradhey, again both are same melody, first sirikkinradheyyy with lil improvisation, though.

Naanamoa and moa - overlapping of melody on it's improvisation alone unlike above lines.

So, in this song, wut happened was overlapping of improvisation and de lead melody {it is a word, though}.

Canon: Melody/song with one or more imitations of de melody played after a given duration {e.g. quarter rest, one measure, etc}

If it is okay that leader melody should be discontinued in short duration (quarter rest) as soon as de follower melody is joined then wut I said is correct En kanmani song.

Quarter rest or quarter note or crotchet: A rest/note having one-fourth de time value of a whole rest/not or double de value of an eighth-note/rest, or quaver.

Now, wut is quaver?

Trill on an instrument or with the voice, which is supposed to be improvisation {Gamakam in Indian music}.

Now, replace improvisation with quaver for this song/ on above explaination.

Does this make any sense?

If yes then my argument is somewhat okay {smile}.

Talking about counter-point, an orchestra piece/song, which should have a main melody in one-pitch and counter melody is in another/same pitch, however, with different melody/tune/theme. It may have two or more counter tune/melody.

Now, talking about counter-point in this song: To my untaught knowledge, counter-point could not be made with same melody or overlapping with improvisation. So, this song does not have counter-point. Most probably, it should be canon, theoretically {at least}.

Also, there is a thought that En Kanmani is de first counter-point attempt by Raaja sir. However, postlude of Naan pesa vanthein sollathan oru vaarthai from Paalootti vartha kili {Raaja sir's 2nd Tamil movie, directed by Devaraj-Mohan and produced by P.Madhavan} has vocal counterpoint by SPB and S.Janaki, which is supposed to be Raaja sir's first attempt for counterpoint.


~~Raaja rules!

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Kavein Thran said...

wonderful contradicting post, but for the song naan pessa vanthen, I can't find the postlude, is there any vocal counterpoint?