Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Raajaish Pop-rock

Song: Netru indha neram...

Movie: Tik Tik Tik

Singer: Latha Rajinikanth.

Genre: Pop rock.

~~Pop-rock is a subgenre of rock music that uses "catchy" pop style, with light lyrics over top of "guitar-based" songs.

Until 0:30 there was no melody. Prelude was just constructed with solo synth rhythm, stupendous running bass guitar and pleasing tines of synth. Exactly, 00:26th second has lead for string orchestra & tines of synth at 0:33 for next 5 seconds only. Still, so pleasing. You bet! Spick and span la la la by Latha with accompainment of synth rhythm and thrumming of acoustic guitar give de lead for Pallavi...Again, avant-garde of canon rule employed when pallavi ends with ".....Kolangaleyyy" by Latha, which is supposed to be leader melody that was imitated by choir take de role of follower.

At Pallavi, lead Cabaret singer recollect wut happened by yesterday at de same time, how breeze was frolic with herself and her Spouse.

1st Interlude has stunning orchestra arrangement: Presto kinda string orchestra originates this interlude with wah guitar, which continues to accompaines jazzy piano. I am afraid harmonic progression of rhythm guitar and bass guitar maintains jazz nuances and drum kit as bassline or is it arppegiator through synth? Again, Raajaish idiom of string orchestra {largo movement, eh?} + bass guitar and synth for pop song is more like evening drizzle at seashore. You bet!

Accelerando in charanam's melody is very much integrated with it's pallavi's flow.

Raaja sir has used solo violin at ludes for Pop, disco/funk and psychedelic compositions like Ilamai itho itho, Endrendum Aananthamey, Mella mella ennai, Vaanam keley vanathal, et al., It is typical Raajaish idiom of lude. This song is no exceptional, at 2nd interlude, Ethnic solo violin and congos bring tribal ambience. I am afraid that now running bass guitar accompanied by synth chord replicates de same melody played through Ethnic solo violin, eh? Choir, string orchestra with strumming of bass guitar were interlocked to have unique chord progression unto....? how come Raaja sir 80's pop song without scat singin'..? Yup, scat singing - Papupa Papupa pa Papupa Papupa pa is more like coda to ends this interlude. Again, synth string orchestra chords as bassline during scat singing was sung follows "Imitation" rule rather than canon as there is very micro seconds difference betwixt scat singing and synth string orchestra chords, correctta?

At 2nd charanam, lead Cabaret singer reveals her "Viraga" desire, which came in her dream at a fullmoon night!

Again, same pallavi repeated at de end with piano to complete this peppily peppily Pop. Such an amazing song! You bet!


~~Raaja rules!

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