Monday, October 20, 2008

Poovae semboovae

A gentleman called Jercy malencheck from Yugoslavia made it onto India to Appa's office. He wanted to meet us {Myself and my brother}. We had a great time with him throughout the day. I was doing my 7th standard by that time {chuckle}. We went to Higginbotham's {a biggest bookstore in chennai} and American book house in chennai. At one of the shops, we bought few cassettes and he has gifted us a couple of cassettes in our choices. One is Aranmanai kili and other one is Hits of Yesudoss. And the cassette "Hits of Yesudoss" has this song - Poovae semboovae un vaasam varum. Nostalgic thoughts

Well, talking about this immaculate composition, its core melody and lyrical theme of this song could be imposed on a cute lullaby, protoganist {of this song} would sing for his spouse, though. So, in such a way, it is a corresponding song for "Enthan vazhkkaikku artham solla" from Chinna Kannamma.

This song is based on 3-beat cycle, pallavi has nuances of waltz swing. I am afraid this song is not based on a single raaga. Alike, it is such a fusion number with different genres, good enough integrated/incorporated without bothering the beauty/allure of the melody. Interestingly, the prelude and postlude are tantamount piece with stream like running guitar and discontinuous/rambling puff on blow hole of flute, which are guarantee for descend of stress. Another factor is, string instruments were played with more than normal pace, say string orchestra arrangement, bass guitar, sitar, acoustic guitar, solo violin so does both the interludes.

Manirathnam says Raaja sir is a point wherein east meets west. At 1st interlude, strange call and response betwixt indian string instrument - Sitar and western string instrument - string orchestra. Classical violin's easily seductive distortion accompained by hindustani ethnic rhythm - tabla and ghunghroo and moves onto western zone with string orchestra and oboe play the melody, which can be imposed to akaaram {aaaa} after 1st line of 1st Charanam, in lighter vein or is it my misinterpretation? Avant-garde {2nd} interlude has stunning slapping through bass guitar and cymbols interwoven with tabla and ghunghroo. Ethnic violin's 2 calls was responded by bass guitar and also, lead for prestissimo kinda string orchestra movement with tabla and ghunghroo concomitant.

Yennaalum sangeetham sandhoshamey!


~~Raaja rules!

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