Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cheeni zyada - A sweet nostalgic trip!

More or less, daily I would write some blog and will not finish it off. One such abstract would be this blog, which I penned on 01/11/2008. Just alike nostalgic trip; looking into old files, to trace out what I used to be upto with decipher of HIS compositions. It has been one-full year {smile}.

According to me there are two-types of music; namely, spiritual music and Materialistic/passion music. My 2 cents, spiritual music composer would not be able to compose overwhelming Materialistic/passion music and vice-versa. In my discovery, One COMPOSER who really stands out and broken al the norms in composing both kinda music and invented many idioms from already discovered music (gotcha???). HE has composed more or less equivalent ratio of spiritual music and Materialistic/passion music, which makes not only HIS fans but also critics and non-good music lovers leave in wonder/ponder and perplexes/mystery. Yup, I am talking about Raaja sir. A simple man with Majestic knowledge. So called critics who cannot understand/digest dis fact became panic and come out wid pessimistic review.

I really hate the ppl who refer themselves as critics and write in some futile work/criticism for the musical output, which they cannot understand, however, they would cheaply appreciate the foppish/garishin works, which tend according to their flexibility and their gaudy taste. Critic one who hide their nudity with one hand and whisper other hand to tease mere flaw in any musical work or else could not understand the necessity of that flaw. Why do they think themselves as incarnation of music?

Any critic/nitpicker would not/cannot be a good music lover and any good music lover will not critize any good/experimental work. Infact experimental works cannot be critized as there will not be any benchmark for it. I am wanting to be a good music lover so the below write-up :-)

Jaane do (Cheeni kum):

Do you wanna experiment really ecstasy? If yes, then listen to dis typical contemporary R&B song wid ballad nuance at interludes. Reincarnation of Jotheyali Jothe jotheyali - Geetha. Every decade this song make a smash appearance and leave a great impact within us. This is my Raaja sir and ONLY HE can give this sorta mind-blowin/bogglin and amazing composition. Yes, this kinda songs are simply resurrect my music TASTE from contemporary songs. It is a romantic song in all aspect and ever second :) Raaja sir should have been very romantic while composing this song, which is more than lust, love, romance n crush...If I say rhythmic succession of musical tone is so soulful then synth-rhythm is lub-dub of the song ;) Initial, piano piece is something like canon, which imitate the melody with different measure. Sheryal's cantabile, style of singing, which is characterized by the easy and flowing tone of the composition. Capriccio of string orchestra by 03:37 makes me to fly on musical sky until 03:52 of this song. Noteworthy, bass work {slapping} as bassline. Yup, I always say to this cute composition that Jaane do, however, it drags my attention towards its melody and not lettin to me to go, I have listened to it for n # of times, though. So is every Raaja sir's melody...

P.S: Assumption: For this song, in sheet music Raaja sir might have used 'P' and Energico :)

'P' - an instruction in sheet music to play softly (initial piano piece).


~~Raaja rules!

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