Saturday, February 14, 2009

Festival for Love

~~Well, today is festival for love. So many true love story would have been effloresced and also, wound up by today. A special song on this special day.

Kathal oviyum from Alaigal oivathillai:
{Originally penned on 06/07/2007}

~~Kathal is oviyam, yup - love is an art. Especially, teenage crush -unforgettable memories. Raaja sir's music is an astounding art and is myonly love, always.

It is such a cute duet in this world, sorry out of world. {chuckle}

It does sound alike R&B with very indianmusical elements. However, as per musicologist P. Greene, it is Bossa novakinda song. It is true!!! Bossa nova songs will have unique usage ofclassical guitar, which would be played with fingers rather than with aguitar pick. Running or flowing guitar would not be incorporated withvocal melody. Piano takes 2nd priority. Rhythm does not play vital role init, however, it would have unique way of rhythm pattern. Rim clicks orclave pattern or son clave pattern rhythm brings de color/identity ofBossa nova songs.

However, Meri zindagi from Aur Ek Prem Kahani is Janya of kathal oviyum,which sounds alike typical contemporary r&b song. You bet!

Well, talking about Kathal oviyum paadum song, congos/drum kit has been replaced by synth rhythm. Rim clicks or clave pattern was replaced byCastanets sound, however, it should have been produced through synth. Haunting choir at pallavi and pulchritudinous bass guitar at saranams steal the show.

I kind of remember, from early of this century, more or less, daily I am listenin to dis song. My days are beautiful coz of this song. Bharathirajashould be so innovative while shootin this song. He has portrayed sopoetically in such a way that Kathick n Radha as Adam n Eve respectively, first human beings (of course, Lilith is de 1st female in this world) inthis world. Location was like Garden of Eden {smile}. Rose petals covertheir shyness {wink}. If we luk into their eyes, we may feel that theyare free from this sin or wicked world. Both are in hands of pleasure, generous, caring, empathy n blab...Pair of sandals called religion had been removed at entry of their love garden.

Even in night, if we listen to slogam (00:01 to 0:16) in the prelude, it would change our atmosphere as if like morning. Melody is notonly pleasure, but also painful and best example is this song; especially,choirs by 00:17 - 0:35 n 01:52 to 2:02 n 02:53 to 03:08 (with bass guitar).Flute, string orchestra, veena, bass guitar and percussion by 01:22 -01:40 were amazing blend of two different regions {east and west} musicalelements. Speciality of this song: beats backing on this song were producedfrom keyboard/synthesizer, which was unusual on those days.

Yup, at 2nd interlude, veena & guitar interaction and also, canon rule was employed with choir and string orchestra.

~~Whenever I listen to this song, I feel like Veena (00:35 - 00:39) (03:08- 03:24) and string orchestra (01:55 to 2:02) (03:25 - 3:35), guitarbacking de song were played on my nerves and not on strings {smile}. Thefusion of Indian percussion and choir at 1:40 - 01:55 would show intermix oftheir (couples) souls {smile}. This is a point wherein fuse of two cult;religions were ruined and love blossoms.

Guitarist Prasanna had pointed out in an interview tat this song taught himbout the use of Major 7th chords.

I recognize that love could be so blissful, pleasure, delightful orindulged according to desire only after learnin the beauty of this song.Hence, I am lovin this song more than I could. This song is beyond the boredom as I've heard this song for more number of times certainty rather thanRaaja sir and Bharathiraja. I wish this song would exist as long as teenlove exists on this world.


~~Raaja rules!

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