Saturday, February 28, 2009

Distortion Rose

"Eeramana rojavey" Sounds more alike "Skiffle" genre song as it has guitar dominance and rhythm sounds alike some utensil rather than conventional rhythm pattern.

Prelude has distortion sounding through pedals, bass guitar and lead guitar play their own melody and make counter-phase among themselves. 1st interlude has cello, which induces melancholic feel with embellishment of pizzicato through double bass.

Beautiful of this song: from 01:38 - 01:45, whistle sounds a spick and span melody and bass guitar plays some lead form contrapuntal zone, however, at 01:45 - 01:53, whistle's melody would be repeated by both the lead guitarand bass guitar concurrently.

Parallelly, at 02:55, electric guitar makes distortion sounding through pedals and bass guitar would play their own leads until 03:05. From, 03:05- 03:11, I personally feel, bass guitar insist to accompanies/play distortion sound to form new harmonic zone. Raaja sir intend to makedistortion sound for this melancholic song. Whenever, I listen to this piece, it takes me to Baroque era, which has tantamount of bach's organwork {say, toccata and fugue, I do not mean anything about inspiration; here, I refer to impact of interludes of Eeramana rojavey}.

Also, I have noted intense usage/dominance of distortion guitar in another melancholic composition of Him was at 2nd interlude of "Rasavey unnanambi" from Muthal mariyathai...I reckon, usage of distortion guitar on these songs enhance the bluish feel of the composition. A couple of ppl argued with me that 2nd interlude of "Rasavey unna nambi"does not have distortion guitar rather, however, it was through keyboard...I am so obstinate with my interpretation that how come a baby could not decipher his own mom's gesture?


~~Raaja rules!

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