Sunday, July 12, 2009

Melody of departed souls!

~~What happens when two different departed souls meet and recollect their nostalgic thoughts?

Well, the end product would be the immaculate song - Aayiram malargale malarungal from Neram Maaratha pookal!

Actually, its live rhythm sounds more of marching genre song; say the usage of bass drums and big cymbals. This song beings with spick and span aalap of Jency. Accelerando of string orchestra and her alluring voice drenched with melancholic feel, take us outta our place. Western guitar was played with tribal tinge and tremolo through oboe {eh?} {…remember the song – Thookanna kuruvi kudo thoongum machan marathile?}, xylophone and rhythm arrangement make so much of tribal ambience.

2nd part of 1st interlude has contrapuntal of two flutes with running acoustic guitar accompaniment makes sonata structure to some extent. String orchestra arrangement in the 2nd interlude obstinate and enhances the bluish feel and so does in the 3rd interlude.

In the last lude, there is actually, imitation of melody by string orchestra, which has been borrowed from the flute and later it sounds more like call and response. Eventually, electric lead guitar plays mystical melody with tambourine to wind up the lude before MV makes his special appearance. The lead vocal melody is drenched in Raajaish Suddha Dhanyasi.

This song is very special to me in many aspects!

Lyrics translated into English:

~~Thousand flowers, effloresce
Sing the honey song and dance
{Amutham means something special drink, which would be available in heaven. Lemme use honey here for amudha}
Epic of love god.
Yourself and myself, come closer and say...say

Saranam #1:
In the sky, moon may diminish {diminish} and grow {again}
However, would the poetic line within us change?
Raagas are hundred, feelings are hundred
My song and your song are same, aren't they? {smile}

Saranam #2:
Rain may come in summer season and {so} spring season may be changed
Would the written fate/destiny change?
God of period/time says it's last birth relation
Who you are? Who am I? who made us together?

Saranam #3:
On earth, clouds would go and play by luck
This time, Rathi would fly throughout the mountain
Unslanted small hill, unseen heart
Without singing lullaby, how could become {a} mother? {what a line?}


~~Raaja rules!


vallisri said...

sir what a description to this song .....excellent....

New kenny on the block ;) said...

Thank you!
It is my very favorite song {smile}