Thursday, June 18, 2009

Giri Pradakshina/Valam - Counter thought

I have experienced a new throbbing phase with this celestial album in the last 12 days. Ain’t saying this because I am a fan of Raaja sir, however, certainty, this album is so powerful tool to reach god and new spiritual arena. It has been alike a confession for me. I have learnt so many new factors in the last 12 days. I was more alike in betwixt deep sea and devil. I mean to say Materialistic life or Spiritual life. It has been a pilgrimage for me more like Girivalam. I have been listening to these compositions mostly while travel. So, the ambience and the mood created by these compositions were made me to feel I am losing myself from this acquisitive world.

I discovered that attaining spiritual grade is not an ease chore when I wanted to make it out truly and deeply!

P.S: Need to travel 17 Kms of Giri Pradakshina/Valam.


~~Raaja rules!

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