Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All the world's a stage!

Ithu yeppadi irukku - 1978

Story: The core of its story should have been adopted from the Sujatha’s Anitha Ilam Manaivi. However, credit for this script was given to Panju Arunchalam.

*ing: Jaishankar, Sridevi, Y.Vijaya, Y.G.Mahendran, Sarathbabu and et al.,

Story goes alike this: Y.G.Mahendran and his lady love happened to see the cadaver of Y.Vijaya’s husband.

Jaishankar & Sridevi come into scene for further investigation of this execution. Many undisclosed truths like Y.Vijaya’s affair with Sarathbabu and et al., were discovered.
The executioner and the reason for execution were revealed at climax.

Talking about the BGM and songs, Raaja sir’s fear-provoking reverberation with heavy orchestra has enhanced the eeriness to the script.

Songs Kai Regai and Dhinam Dhinam were given less consideration when compared to Engum Niraintha. My pick of its music album is Dhinam Dhinam by P. Susheela.

Dhinam Dhinam:

To my belief, this composition makes an apprehension ambience, unwarrantedly. I was really moved by the mystical or frightening frame of mind induced by its core melody. My musical voyage into this composition reached to a great altitude, however, unto now, I was not able to recognize, what made me to be trepidation with respect to this composition.

Melodic Organ's mere piece originates this song and classical guitar replicates its lead melody with organ accompaniment. A brass, accordion with snares brings back the retro epoch in front of us. 1st and 2nd interlude have array of menacing violin, ascending & descending tenor of flute, wavering bassoon {in 1st interlude alone} continue to frighten me. Saranams have Indian rhythm of Tabla complement.

Nevertheless, it is being offered me a whimsical experience of its every listening!


~~Raaja rules!

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