Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pazhassi Raaja - Rhythm of Raaja!

This music album deserves for a thesis the rhythm arrangement. Unfortunately, I am under-appreciated to write-in vividly about them. Still, below is just a synopsis of its songs.

Kunnathe Konnaykum {in tamil - Kundrathu} is based on 4/4 beat cycle. It’s pallavi has programmed percussion. Its contour of orchestra heavily reminds the song – Sempoovae Sempoovae. Similarly, the first line has the color of the song - Hele Kogile Impagala - Nammoora Mandara Hoove {Nenjathin geetham – Kangalin vaarthaigal}, may be both the songs are based on Suddha dhanyasi {Ain’t sure about it}. Usage of Sarangi steals the melody.

Aadiushassandhya Poothathivide {Aadhi mudhal} is based on 4/4 beat cycle. It has heavy usage of Bass drums throughout the song & embellishment of subsidiary percussion instruments alike Castanets, Cabasa/Shakers & triangle. Wagnerian style of brass arrangement steals its melody.

Ambum Kombum Komban Kattum {Ambum Kobum} sounds alike based on triple beat rhythm, which may be 6/8 beat cycle. It has poly-rhythm structure with Djembes & baton {drum sticks}. Saranams have well-structured Bass drums & Cabasa/Shakers.

Odathandil Thalam Kottum Kattil {Moongil Thannil thaalam} is based on 4/4 beat cycle. It has programmed rhythm & the entire song sounds much of contemporary r & b {rhythm & blues} song. 2nd interlude has been initiated with Djembes & shakers, later once the guitar strumming starts, raw synth rhythm joins along with Pan Flute to make tribal ambience.

Such a haunting album with lively Ryhthm arrangement!


~~Raaja rules!

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