Monday, January 11, 2010

Garage UK - UKG

Well, there are two types of Garage music. One is UK Garage & other one is US Garage; both these genres are very much differed by each other as like the instruments - French horn & English horn.

Infact, UK Garage is a plastic genre & it's compositions have unique rhythm pattern produced from Sampler or Synth or Drum machine or Sequencer.

Well, contemporary Garage music is depending on loops {ahead of sampler} or discs.

Talking about this genre in Raaja sir's composition, infact, He did not employ this rhythm in His compositions as main rhythm or throughout a song. Instead, He has used Garage Rhythm for the Prelude of Thankakinappongal from Friends (malayalam) interludes of Oh baby baby {2nd interlude} - Kaathalukku mariyaathai & Naan thanga rojaa {2nd Interlude} - Time {through synth, eh?}.

Naan thanga rojaa {2nd Interlude}: This Garage Rhythm has been used with indian music elements like miruthangam {artificial sound produced through synth} & 2 classical violins overlap to form counter-melody.

Hichki Hichki from Paa & Saranam of Pachaimeni from Kanukkulle have UK-garage rhythm.

I am afraid that He should be the first composer from south-india to use Garage rhythm in cine-songs. Any other insight?


~~Raaja rules!

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