Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bassa nova rhythm texture

Influenced by West coast jazz, in the 1950s composer Antonio Carlos Jobim helped to form Bossa Nova, a new music that blended together gentle Brazilian rhythms & melodies with cool-toned improvising.

As far as Bossa nova is concerned, Rhythm does not play vital role in it, however, it would have unique way of rhythm pattern. Rim clicks or clave pattern or son clave pattern rhythm brings the color/identity of Bossa nova rhythm. Normally, it would be based on 4/4 time signature.

Although, the song Kathal oviyam from Alaigal oivathillai has not have a perfect Bossa nova rhythmic structure, it's rhythm is closer to Bossa nova rhythm texture.

Well, talking about Kathal oviyum paadum song, congos/drum kit has been replaced by Synth rhythm. I reckon Clave pattern has been produced through rhythm pad. It is based on 4/4 time.

Malare malare un vaasam from Un Kannil Neer Vazhinthal:

It has rhythm texture closure to Bossa nova rhythm pattern. I am afraid that it is based on 2/4 time signature.

Its poly-pulse rhythm pattern goes alike: At pallavi & saranam, 4 off-beat through Synth. And 3 beats of Clava rhythm overlap on 1st two off-beat of Synth & the syncopation of 2 synth off-beat complete one beat measure.

At end of the Saranams, when Janaki sings something like - "Thaduthugu Thakathugu Thakathugu tha", which is final korvai of Theermanam. However, it does not have any rhythm accompaniment rather strings accompany the vocal melody. {smile}

Sollividu vennilave from Amaidhi Padai:

It has programmed rhythm texture. Who knows Congos & Rim clicks were made through VST drum machine.

Its Rhythm cycle goes alike: 2 off-beats of Congo, 1 Rim click beat, 3 off-beats of Congo & 1 Rim click beat complete a common time of 4/4. Again, rhythm of this song was intended for Latino rhythm, which is very closer to Bossa nova rhythm texture. 02:53 - 03:00 has poly-melody of two classical guitars.

Not only Bassa nova, however, Raaja sir has used Lambada style of rhythm in his composition. Lambada is a Brazilian dance. It's style of rhythm is adopted from Samba, Cumbia, Mambo, Tango, Salsa & et al.,

One fine example of Lambada rhythm in His composition is "Chinna manikkaga" from Senthooram...The song - Chinna Poo Chinna Poo from Japanil kalyanaraman has tinge of Tango rhythm pattern.

The songs - Thai Ariyatha - Arangetra Velai, Maamukku maylapore than from Velaikaran, Aan Pillai Enraal from En Jeevan Paduthu and et al., have Latino pattern rhythm.

Similarly, the songs - Maamarathila oonjal from Karisakaattu poove & Iravu paagalai theda from Kannukkul Nilavu have programmed Latino pattern rhythm.

So does many more rhythm pattern were textured within the bound of Raajaish way out.


~~Raaja rules!

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