Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Transcription of Anjali Theme Music!

Ilayaraaja’s Music Carnival!

The video link of Maestro. Illayaraja’s 500th Film - Anjali's Theme BGM by the composer Prashan Jayatheepam. This is an Orchestration work done by him who is a Passionate fan of Raja Sir for his 67th Birthday. He has re-arranged the Raaja Sir's Orchestral Score of the Anjali Theme BGM.

During Baroque era, Johann Sebastian Bach was very much influenced by Antonio Vivaldi’s works & thus, transcriptions of Vivaldi’s works were performed/made it out by Bach.

In the contemporary Era, due to Mr.Prashan incredible love on music & Raaja sir’s melodies, “Transcription of Anjali Theme Music” has been made it out without descending the soul, liveliness & originality of this Theme Music.

From 00:50th sec, the multi-layer of melodic texture makes something like a contrapuntal pattern, which proves the huge impact of Bach within him. I got an opportunity to listen its audio on May 25th night, his lovely orchestration for the Raaja sir’s melody brings lot of serenity & peace within me & wiped off my fussy mood. I truly appreciate his effort & intention of this work. May the giver would shower all the blessings on him! My best wishes for his upcoming ventures!

Please do check his website & kindly leave your valued comments on the guest book @

Orchestrated & Produced by Prashan Jayatheepam

Mixed & Mastered by Saishiva & Deyo @ Saindeyo Productions.

Anjali BGM – Copyrights & License taken from Agi Music (


~~Raaja rules ♪

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