Friday, December 10, 2010


Celtic music was originated from Greek & Roman and later, it was considered to be music of Indo-European region & reportedly, their folk music.

Normally, these compositions should have their native instruments alike Accordion/Concertina, Irish Flute, Bagpipes/Uilleann pipes, Banjo, Tin whistle & et al.,

* Raaja sir started its music cult from the Oorampo - Ponnu Oorukku Pudhusu days itself...

* 2nd interlude of Athadi kathadi from Meendum Oru Kathal Kathai has typical of Celtic melody

* 2nd interlude of Poongaththu athu from Nilavae mugam kattu has Celtic fusion with tribal rhythm texture

* Vanampadi from Thalayanai manthiram & Thamaraikodi tharaiyil from Aananda Kummi have tinge of Celtic elements say in the prelude itself...

* Karutha machan from Puthu nellu puthu naathu:

Well, it's prelude has southindian folk instrument called Urumi, resonance of two violins have Celtic nuances and this lude ends with popping of bass guitar and harmonica melody was replicated through synth

* Kaathal thiruda from Pickpocket is “A Polka” song with Celtic 2nd Interlude

* Iniya naal from Manasellam - 1st part has rich children's choir, 2nd movement has 3-part choir with vocal harmonies & Celtic fillers

* Oru naal oru kanavu from Kannukkul nilavu is a Celtic-folk song

* 2nd interlude of Thalattu from Paatukku Naan Adimai

* The trill on flute Konjam thira from Oru naal oru kanavu has tone of Celtic-Pop Capercaillie's "When You Return"

* Interludes of Adaganide cheppedi ela or Kaise kahan from Shiva 2006 or Solvatharukku sol from Udhayam...

* Prelude & 1st interlude of Dheemi dheemi or Manasa adagava from Shiva 2006 or Oru naal maalaiyil from Udhayam - 2006

* Kaattu vazhi - Adhu Oru Kanaa Kaalam & Meri paa from Paa are Celtic-folk numbers.

These compositions have intense melody of Celtic, which was well played with violin & so does the song - Pandathe naattinpuram from Ponmudi Puzhayorathu

* Prelude & 1st interlude of Andala Lokam from Gaayam 2

* Rangu Rangu from Prem Kahani is a typical of Celtic-pop & so does the Swalpa Soundu from Suryakaanthi (Kannada) & so on...!

A big thanks to
Ravi Natarajan sir who has kindled me to showcase the nuances of Celtic in His musical gems...


~~Raaja rules ♪


ravinat said...

Good post.

Raja's work with several forms of world music must be explored in greater detail. Good beginning. I saw your post on Bossa Nova too. I will comment separately on that.

Firstly, I must thank you for introducing me to some Raja tracks that I have missed.

For example, Kadhal Thiruda - I have never bothered to listen to this track. I love the first interlude and the way Raja arranges 'Maangalyam...'. Also, the transition to the charanam after that is simply brilliant - done nicely with a rhythm pad. Nice track with Polka elements. Some parts remind me of the other Raja Polka 'keladi en paavaiye' from Gopura Vaasalile.

Iniya Naal is another song that I overlooked from Manasellam. Brilliant children choir - very Rajaish. Some parts remind me of 'Naan Porandhu Vandhadhu' from Maaya bazaar.

Finally, one suggestion - when you do such world music showcase of Raja, please include some music in its native form from youtube so that the readers can relate to it.

Keep up the good work.

Ravi Natarajan

New kenny on the block ;) said...

Dear Sir,

I feel very glad to see your comments, which is very interesting than my blog.

Yes, I really love the way you interpret the songs.

Sure Sir, I shall try to add the relevant video or audio for the appropriate posts, ain't a good lover of youtube, though!

Have a good one!