Saturday, February 12, 2011


Baila is a native music of Srilanka. Baila in the contemporary Thamizh movies is getting mandatory, which are in wide range of original Baila texture to House genre mix. However, applications of Baila in Raaja sir’s compositions are either in the native form or with its generic rhythm pattern of Raaja sir’s characteristic melodic formation.

In my understanding, Baila songs are composed in 6/8 time signature with native drumming on mounted drums, drum kit or rhythm pad, guitaring, brass arrangement & accompaniment of electronic tones. Although its melodic line is in a linear format, it gets shaped out according to the diction of Sinhala or the pure accent of Thamizh.

The original Baila melody of “Suraangani suraangani” was featured in the movie - Avar enakke sontham. In Azhagae Unnai Aaratthikiraen, the foot tapping number “Hey Mastaana” has the application of Baila in the pallavi & 2nd saranam with 6/8 time signature whereas the other 2 respective saranangal are in ¾ time signature & their melodies are according to the stipulation of the script.

If the songs “Siragadikkira Kuruvi” from Rajasthaan & “Chorus Paadura” from Paathu Paadava are ideal contemporary Baila numbers in all the aspect then the songs “Kaamaatchi Meenaatchi “ from Mudhal Iravu, “Agayam Mele “ from Naan Vazha Vaippen, “Kanna Un Leela” from Nalladhoru Kudumbam, “Anne Anne Sippai Annae” from Kozhi Kuvuthu, “Enga Ooru Englandthu Raani” from Padicha Pulla & “Maamane Maamane” from Neruppukkul Eeram are traditional Baila tracks. The poppish Baila numbers “Happy New Year” from Oh Manea Manea, “Kalyana Tharakare” from Eeramana Rojave & “Enna Paaduvathu” from Keladi Kanmani with pleasant harmonic addition.

Unnaale Thoongale Yemmaa” from Vetri Karangal & “Cheppana Unnapani” from Aswamedham are romantic duets with the contour of Baila orchestration.

Humorous numbers like “Vaikira Idathil” from Anney Anney, “Oru Pathu rooba” from Oru Vittu Oru Vanthu, “Kanda Kanda Pasanga” from Devan , “Policesu Mattum Enna” from Thedi Vantha Raasaa & “Saavari Kaaru” from Padikatha Panaiyaar have the tendency of Baila genre. The song “Arae Oranga Srilanga” from Singaravelan too a Baila oriented song has His own melodic manipulation with different rhythm pattern in ¾ & 6/8 timing. And this list is continuous...!

Raaja sir has covered the musical globe from west to east and with the applications of Baila, He has crossed the borderline of Cape Comorin as well.


~~Raaja rules ♪

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