Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Raaja Blues

~Yesterday Narayanan sir informed me that the song – Katrai konjam from Neethane En Ponvasantham is being played in Big FM (92.7) often. For more than a couple of hours, I was patiently listening to the screaming of RJs & ear-piercing ads. Sharankay anna sent an SMS as “Don’t worry ticket booked”. Right away, I called Anna with a mixed feeling of joyous & being deceived for not listening to the song.

Anna: (as usual) hmmm sollu

Me:  Anna pattu kaettaella?

Anna:  Nee kaettiya?

Me:  Illa Anna :-(

Anna:  Dai, pattak kaettu pesu, ennoda twitter accountla soundcloud link irukku paaru…

Me: Thanks Anna, I shall call you back in 10 minutes…

Somehow, managed to get the soundcloud link and played the song – Katrai Konjam…then after a sudden transition of musical fabrication in the interludes, stanza started…after a couple of lines –couldn’t control the tears rolling on my cheeks.  After Thalattu kaekkathane from Nandalala, this song made me emotionally inclined at its 1st listening. The transition of melodic flow at “Thalli thalli paonaallum...” created so much of pain, couldn’t restrict myself stopping the song.

From nowadays, in the forums, fans would be posting like “This song has jazz elements or based on 7/8 timing or that line has this raaga or chord progression is wonderful or blab blab blab…” Well, in my personal opinion, this song should not be butchered with musical analysis. This song should be celebrated in a different dimension. So far Raaja sir has composed a plenty of blues composition, however, this is an important & unforgettable song for me by a different stand and so does, this music album :-)


~Raaja rules ♪

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