Friday, August 29, 2014

Krishna Janmashtami special...

Krishna Janmashtami special - This is one of the orthodox Viraha songs about Radha’s longing for Krishna. “Dekhan chahat kamal-dal-lochan, sunan chahat mridu bani” means “She always intends to see only lotus oriented eyes of Krishna and listen to his sweet tone”. Raaja sir has created a fabulous Viraha feel through this melody. Although the song is based on common time signature of 4/4, Raaja sir has arranged the eccentric & appealing rhythm pattern; whether the tabla’s replication of miruthangam’s rhythm pattern on 1st interlude or Rudram knocks on Chanda or backing rhythm for chittaswaram, the rhythm arrangement is simple & well striking. Chitra amma’s rendition is icing to the cake. When she sings the Akaaram initially or the line “marundhaana neeyae nooiyaanadhenna” wherein she pretends to be Radha - Viraha feel was well expressed… Raaja sir’s free flowing melody from His musical soul melts us in Viraha feel. After all He is an Incarnation of Music : )

~Raaja rules ♫

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