Sunday, July 20, 2008

Raaja sir's miracle

July 16, 2008:

A Tamil couple living in Germany thanked maestro Ilayaraja, which also left the music director stunned, for the great medical miracle that he performed unwittingly. The incident was reported in a well-known magazine recently. Well, it seems that a few months ago the young couple was told by the doctors in Germany that the child in the mother's womb showed no movement. The worried couple went back home and turned on their music set to listen to Ilayaraja's Thiruvasagam. Surprisingly, the lady started to feel the baby kicking. They repeated the music many times and felt the same result. The doctors were also surprised when the lady delivered the baby a few months later through normal labor. As a token of gratitude, the couple recently visited the maestro to pay respects and express their gratefulness. Now, that's a true medical miracle from the maestro!

Source: Behindwoods...

~~Goosebumps! Overwhelming!! Astounding!!!

Actually, there is a movie called "Maadhangal Ezhu", which was directed by Yugi sethu and co-stars are Naseer and Ramyakrishnan. Music by Vidhyasagar. Thing is that, there is a scene in which yugi would play a flute and {7 month} baby in Ramyakrishnan's womb will shake its leg. Wut a coincidence? {smile}.

Shri. Balamurali Krishna said that if a baby listen to Raaja sir's Thiruvasagam in Oratoria from its babyhood then that baby would become a(n) prodigy/intellectual. True!!!

Raaja sir said Western classical music has dominance to activate the brain cell {especially Mozart's composition, it was proved scentifically} and of course, stereotype/monotonous pre-recorded loops/pre-set rhythm oriented songs will dumb the brain cells. HE has now proved it, HE is not insisted to testimony de dominance of HIS compositions, though. {Yugi sethu, would you get an opportunity to read dis?}

Thanga veenai aanalum thaanaai paadathu meettavum Ketkavum oruvan veendumey,
Even Gold veenai {lute} cannot sing by itself; someone needs to play it and someone to listen it.

Raagam 100 irunthaalum thaanaai paadathu raagangal therinthavan oruvan veendumey,
Eventhough, there are 100 Ragams, it cannot sing by itself; someone is needed who knows about raagam,

Isaiyale mayangatha manam than Ulakil yethu? Irunda manthinil isai nuzhaiyathu,
How could a soul without spellbound by Music? Music will not go into obscure soul {devil},

AVAR padal sellatha idam than Ulakil yethu? {Athai thodarinthu yaaaaaaarum sella mudiyaathu},
Where is a place in this world wherein HIS music has not reached? {No one can go behind it}.

After all HE is an incarnation of music. If HE cannot then who can do it?


~~Raaja rules!


Navya C said...

Great to see another blog dedicated to the genius Raaja Sir!!Keep going!!I'd like to see more posts in this wonderful blog!

New kenny on de block ;) said...

I would try to post about HIS compositions {smile}. Thank you for your endorsement! Have a good one!


~~Raaja rules!