Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dhanam - Music review

Ilamai kanavugal - Karthick and Rita. Lyrics - Valli

…..begins with spick and span voice of Rita. Soon after manual rhythm and funky synth bass give the lead for Pallavi. String orchestra and bass guitar are used as filler. Former for 1st interlude and later in betwixt the handsome Charanams. Normally, any music lover can extract hidden or candid pleasure in the 2nd interlude of any Raaja sir’s song. Very peppy/mind blowing interlude for melody songs. Soft native cadence/stupefying interlude for {electronic} rhythm oriented song. This song falls on the second huddle. Staggering synth chord progression and strings arrangement do follow call and response rule with live bass drum at 2nd interlude.

Interesting fact: It does have tines of turntable sound, might be made through synthesizer, which I have neva expected {at least in this album}. It does not bother the lead melody, though {smile}.

Ulagam kedakuthu – Sunitha sarathy. Lyrics – Valli

…begins alike contemporary electro funk song and changes path as energetic pop. 1st and 2nd interludes have interesting middle-eastern lute kinda instrument {Oudh…eh?}. At 2nd interlude, well structured Brass instruments along with bang band orchestra are more away from usual pattern. Programmed percussion and chipmunk voice mix change the color of the song. However, Sunitha’s put-on accent/slang let down the song.

Dhanam Dhanam – Karthick. Lyrics – Valli

It is not a normal run-of-the-mill kinda song. It does have interesting rhythm pattern with south Indian earthy instruments with Djembes and synth bass as bassline.

Koothu onnu – Raaja sir and Feji. Lyrics – Palani Bharathi.

I guess after the song - Velli kizhama from Shiva, Raaja sir’s attempt for dis genre of the song. It has more tribal nuances say de flute prelude, peppy programmed & live rhythm during vocal part and Djembes at 2nd interlude and reed sound through synth. Stunning usage of bass guitar {synth bass…eh?} is simply rocking.

Unnakulle irukirein – Sriram parthasarathy – Bilsenday. Lyrics – Mu.Metha.

…yet another mesmerizing romantic composition from Raaja sir’s music factory. First a couple of lines strongly strike de melody de song Kommallo koyila - Ninnu choodaka nenundalenu, later so much of twist both in lead melody and rhythm/orchestra. Pallavi has both synth rhthym and manual percussion. Chord progression with piano/synth, bass guitar, string orchestra, live percussion at first interlude is Gorgeous. After 2nd line of Charanam, de melody, poly-rhythm wid miruthangam and synth bass steal the spotlight. Awesome, alluring, passionate, zeal and lovely 2nd interlude has mild accelerando of flute, string orchestra with embellishment of synth chord later dazzling live percussion joins to completely change the ambience so romantic. My pocket is already filled with so many numbers like this {of course Raaja sir} song. This song turns on greediness within me to acquire it as well {giggle}.

Kannanukku enna vendum – Bhavatharini, Prasanna and Sriram Parthasarathy. Lryics – Vishali Kannadasan.

Song of the album.

This semi-classical song would make your day very meaningful and momentous.


Nadhi vazhi oru oodam povathu pole, vithi vazhi en ullam un pugal {pugazhil} paadum.

As a boat goes according to de direction of stream, my soul would praise your overwhelming according to the destiny.

Thurigaigal theetatha oviyum neeye. Paaril unnai paadatha kaalangal veeney,

You are work of an art, which was not painted by brush. Day without singing about you is futile.

Unnai potra manin methu ullam undu khodi khodi, unthan ullam enna vendru sollu Kanna {smile}.

There are crore crore soul onto this earth to praise you. Kindly, tell us about your ideology.

Actually, I have just imposed Raaja sir on the place of protagonist {Krishnah} for the above lines. So, day without listening to your compositions/not singing about you is meaningless.

Even, the second charanam has evocative lines as your melody through flute would evoke water flow even on moon and my desire is longing for that lullaby. Raajasaranam.

This song prevents me to lament about my misdemeanor and more like declaration of guilt. I should say it is a divine magnum opus.

Kattilukku thana pombala – Raaja sir. Lyrics – Muthuligam.

It is a very situational song with philosophical lines, which script depends. All about social issues of mercy/pities women and bad gestures of male-chauvinist. Interesting ethnic rhythm with synth bass and distortion guitar apt for this rational song.

A mixed album with many alluring interludes, contemporary output and fulfilling melodies.


~~Raaja rules!


Emjay said...


Good review. I liked Kannanukku Enna thevai and "koothu onnu". I liked Uliyin Osai much much much more than Dhanam.

New kenny on de block ;) said...

Thank you! Yup, I too addicted to Uliyin osai rather than this album. Dhanam album is not my cup of tea. However, it has many interesting sythn chord progression and live/electronic orchestra arrangement and scintillating core melody. I really hate de directors who want to have Raaja sir as music director rather than creative composer.


~~Raaja rules!

Emjay said...

Well, my opinion has quite changed in the last few weeks. I find Dhanam to be a very interesting album with different mixtures of songs.. Kattilukku Mattum Daaana's rhythm beat resembles "Raajathi Raaja un Thanthirangal" from Mannan. But, look at how he has given completely different genre of songs from the same pattern.. That's why he is Maestro. I am hooked to Dhanam.

New kenny on de block ;) said...

Kattilukku Mattum Daaana:

It is actually fusion of Rock with indianized rhythm work. You bet! Do you remember the song - Ezhu Vannam from Konji pesalaam, which has same pattern of Rhythm?


~~Raaja rules!