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Uliyin osai - Re-recording - A layman's view


I wanted to watch the movie - Uliyin osai for only two reasons - 1) Raaja sir's music score and 2) Kalaignar's dialogue. Fortunately, it happened on the first day {July 4th 2008} itself. The ambience and number/genre of people made me to doubtful whether I have made a mistake to watch such a movie. No proper promo pixels/banner at theatre.

Fortunately, without any commercial advertisement, movie was started. The very first second of the movie, it starts with a mind-blowing flute more-like colorful butterflies flying around me and its melody stimulated some chemical reaction throughout my soul. Within me, I said: WOW, OVERWHELMING, AWESOME and it’s my Raaja sir and so, I am into the theatre.

This Medieval era story-oriented movie has interesting western string accompaniment, {Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Harp}, diplomatic usage of Guitar {only B, e strings, I guess, at last part of 1st scene}, Contrabassoon {which I have never heard in recent movies}, Oboe, French Horn, Tuba, Big Bamboo flute, Piano, Harpsichord or is it synth? Sarangi {most of the scenes}, Santoor, percussions other than Miruthangam, Tabla Tarang, Bass Drum, Kanjira, Snare Drum, Cymbols (hit-hat), Tambourine and Timpani, a couple of percussions were used, which I was not able to follow them and of course synthesizer {smile}. Raaja rules!

Heroine - Samundi (Keerthi chawla) Introduction:

WOW, certainty this could be everyone's expression for usage of flute and percussion in this scene. Melody through flute was Outstanding. Actually, Remo fernandos has released an (x) album, which has a track called "The flute song" {tabla and flute}, it is an ancient composition by unknown composer. The original "The flute song" was well inspired by Raaja sir's for Samundi's introduction dance. This music piece would provoke everyone to snap their fingers or slap onto their lap. It is an Amazing {“A” capital} composition and such a haunting piece.

There is a particular scene wherein Iniyan {Vineeth who was commissioned to make 108 dancing sculptors at Brihadeeswara Temple} makes a sculpture on seeing Samundi's gesture/pose {Abhinayam}, its re-recording would start from its previous scene itself. Actually, it has been attempted by Raaja sir in many of His movies, I mean the re-recording for a particular scene would start from its previous scene {instant example Soorasamharam, in a villian's scene programmed rhythm would be played from last few seconds of its previous scene}. In this movie, Rhythm of tabla tarang and sarangi starts from its last scene and the composition transforms to string orchestra ----> veena ----> re-recording of Kallai irunthen, its charanam noor raandugal....would be played through violin and synthesizer.

Manoramma {Azhagi}:

Manoramma reveals her wish to the other sculptors that even she is also willing to participate with their work by giving a feast. By that time, enhancement of flute melody is note-worthy. It is Raaja sir and of course, it is Raaja sir and so, there is separate theme music for Manoramma who will sell her goats for feast's expenditure. Initially, flute and kanjira would bring color to that scene and later, a sold out goat would run back to Manoramma...Sarangi and percussion were played, which made salt waters to cross my lower eye-lids. For two more Manoramma's scence, Sarangi and Kanjira were played. There is one-more song called Maanaada mayil aada had been added in the movie, which was not in audio/album. Manoramma and Kovai sarala were featured in it. Kovai Kamala has rendered voice for Manoramma. When Manoramma watches the stimulation {Brihadeeswara Temple model} with surprise, oh no,,,Raaja sir is my God! That scene has Amazing orchestration!!!

Kanja Karuppu:

Soodamani (Kanja Karuppu) who is helper for Iniya. Even for Kanja Karuppu, theme music with Santoor (kinda instrument) and Kanjira had been played for his scenes.


2nd heroine - Muthunagai (Akshaya) attempts for suicide. Iniyan would rescue her and by that time, an inspiring western string orchestra would be played like Adagio movement {slow tempo or mabbie Andante, moderate slow tempo}.

Snake dance:

Movie has an interesting snake dance, which reveals malicious thought of Muthunagai. It has quick movement of string orchestra {mabbie allegro/presto movement} as background score.

Usage of Contrabassoon:

1) It comes when King Raja Raja Chola {Sarath babu} regrets as he was not able to get a dancer {model for pose} for sculpture, contrabassoon gives gloomy feel.
2) When Manikandan (Thalaivasal Vijay - Muthunagai's brother) challenges to defeat Iniyan, usage of Contrabasson reflects vijay's cunningness.
3) Muthunagai would hit Iniyan's hand with hammer. She will reveal it to Kovai sarala and by that time Contrabasson discloses her pessimistic thought.


Muthunagai repents for her bad gestures once she aware that Iniyan has rescued from her suicide attempt, strong western element was performed through Piano, flute and string orchestra.

First Aid:

Typical cinematic style: Samundi would tear a cloth from her saree to tie on Iniyan's hand, which was wounded by Muthunagai. BGM starts with synth and string orchestra and ends with string orchestra + veena, which were played such way in the manner, a real healer for wound. You bet!


Muthunagai sneak-peaks Iniyan, song - Kaalathai Venra's melody would be played through sythn with typical Raaja sir's pattern of improvisation.

Muthunagai's dream:

She dreams as if Iniyan makes a sculptor from herself. An un-usual string instrument would be played, which has Chinese nuances of violin. Similar to the one, which come in Azhagi, when Shanmugam was informed that Dhanam became matured.

Silence as BGM:

Which I expected from Raaja sir and of course, not in this scene. I mean I am talking about silence as BGM. Raaja sir is an intellectual composer in handling silence as BGM. Iniyan will remove the bandage (saree cloth) and Samundi would enter in the hall and watches him. Then, common dialogue as "Hows yer health and wound" and so...wherein BGM supposed to be played to enhance the rrromantic feel, however, it was not made it out and because of this intellectual prediction/decision by Raaja sir, I was totally drenched with romance {wink}.

Parrot catching:

Even if anyone who do not see this scene and listen to its re-recording alone would come to a conclusion that it is a bird-oriented scene. Of course, it is because of usage of flute. Its melody could easily be imposed on fluttering of parrot's wings {smile}. Parrot will take the saree cloth (bandage) from Iniyan, flute and percussion as backing orchestra. Parrot flees to Muthunagai's place same melody of flute and tabla tarang continues. Muthunagai would be in swiming pool, re-recording of Kallathai veedra {eh?}....would be played through string orchestra and ends with sythn chord and tabla tarang.

Raaja sir, King of melody!!!

When Iniyan enters to Muthunagai place in search of parrot, an ancient percussion was played. Iniyan asks "Shall I catch the parrot"....Jesus! A chord progression among synthesizer and solo violin were splendid, incredible, delightful/blessed to listen it… Raaja sir, King of melody!!! Again flute plays a melody to create the ambience of parrot flying.

Samundi poses as Iniya makes a sculpture, all of sudden a scorpion come closer to Samundi. So, she tries to escape from it and slips from the floor. As usual, Iniyan would catch her...Sarangi ---> Veena and Tabla Tarang combine to make an amazing melody, which is like new baby's smile {gives lotta pleasure}. AWESOME!!!


When Iniyan was arrested, re-recording with Timpani, cymbals, cello/double bass (was not sure) were played to enhance the seriousness of that shot.

Ringing the Bell {Aarachi mani}:

Mabbie Chimes was used to make Bell sound. As we all know that it is an ancient norm that King would come when the bell was ringed. It means someone appeals for case/needs a judgment. In this movie, Rich/heavy orchrestra was played during King's entry >>> French horn, String orchestra, tuba was played.

Iniyan's escapes and repents:

Cello/viola and string orchestra was played when Iniyan escapes from the soldiers and Sarangi was played when he repents for his gesture.


Muthungai cries when Iniyan punishes himself, their theme melody was played through Flute and string orchestra...Bhavatharini's cute voice sum-up the movie by singing Kaalathai venra song!!!


Canon rule {change of pitch/rhythm for same melody} was used in last part of Alaiyelam chozhavala nadu as like – Yejaman kaaladi and En jodi manja kuruvi {vikram}.

Pularginra Pozhuthu: For a few seconds, Raaja sir’s voice is so catchy.

Aganthaiyil Aaduvatha: Pick of the album especially Raaja sir’s contribution.

Kallai irunthen – Charanam, adding ice to the cake.

Kaalathai Venra – ppl would understand its pallavi if and only if they watch the climax of this movie.

I am afraid the song - Abinayam kaatukinra was edited while I watched the movie.

Fresh, romatic, sensible, apt, inspiring, outstanding, simple and majestic music score had enhanced the standard of this ordinary movie.

Have a good one!


~~Raaja rules!

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