Friday, August 22, 2008

Maalai Ilam Manathil - Aval Oru Pachai Kulanthai

~~Aval Oru Pachai Kulanthai is de first movie for director S.A. Chandrasekar. S.N.Surendar's first song in Raaja sir's composition {according to him, however, websites may say some other movie...(wink)} and for Soba Chandrasekar as well. After anyone's first listen, they may say that this song sounds like some L.R.Eswari's song for Shridhar sir's movie and should be composed by MSV {smile}.

I just got obsessed to dis
song {at least in de recent days} because of its core melody and orchestra arrangement. I am afraid my vicinity is completely filled wid dis song. Magnitude of this song is its freshness/color, which brings de retro ambiance {say late 70's} because of de usage of Classical guitar {eh?}, Acoustic guitar, Accordion, Bangos, Congos, Drums played with brush, Guiro (scratches my soul) was extensively used throughout de song, Moog synth, Clarinet and Piccolo.

Though, a Classical guitar initiates dis song wid Moog synth accompaniments in de prelude, Accordion steals de spotlight {mabbie de reason, it is not being used very often nowadays other than instant mesmerizing melody played through it}. I always stunned at our composer's timing/calculative usage of orchestra. Scintillating Classical guitar and charismatic Accordion take de responsibility of prelude, which were used as more like for coda at 1st interlude {wid Piccolo} and 2nd interlude respectively. Similarly, usage of striking Piccolo at 1st interlude and pleasing clarinet at 2nd interlude are elegant.

~~Another interesting factor is last word of charanams continue wid pallavi, which is an avant-garde factor {even today}. It has been attempted in very few songs only, I guess {smile}.

1st charanam ends like Ithu than indruuu “Maalai Ilam Manathil “…

2nd charanam ends like Vazhvellam sugam aarambam aagumm "Maalai Ilam Manathil..." {pallavi again wid vocal harmony of de lead singers}.

Ins and outs: Somehow, its core-melody reminds me Maalai nerathu mayakkam and Naanamo naanamo. It has very Raajish presentation, though.

Vazhvellam sugam thodarum with Raaja sir's such haunting compositions...


~~Raaja rules!

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