Monday, August 18, 2008

Raaja sir in Guiness Book

~~Almost 10 years before I read an article, which said Raaja sir was credited in Guiness book of world records by early of 90's, however, it is highly embarrassing that none of the websites reveal/confirm about this. Anuradha sriram confirmed it in a couple of her interviews {TV/Radio}. Eventually, Thank god, I was invited to an astounding blog by Mr.Mohan Jayaraman {Emjay} wherein Thesis of Anuradha sriram - "Ilayairaja: Composer as phenomenon in Tamil Film Culture" has been posted. It reveals that Raaja sir's record was credited in the Guiness Book of World Records for music composed for more than 600 films in five languages within 16 years. So, this is de only proof for Raaja sir's name credited in Guiness Book Of World Records...!!!


~~Raaja rules!

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