Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Funky Wah-Wah effect

Wah-Wah effect:

Guitar, which would have a Wah-wah pedal to produce that unique mimic sound.

Definition from wiki:

A Wah-wah pedal (wah pedal) is a type of guitar effects pedal that alters the tone of the signal to create a distinctive effect, intended to mimic the human voice.

Eric Clapton first played wah-wah with Cream on "Tales of Brave Ulysses" on the Disraeli Gears album and used it for both background riffs and an extended solo on "White Room". Also, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin did use it for their compositions.

As Manirathnam said, Raaja sir's compositions are the point wherein east meets west. I personally feel Raaja sir has influence of Jimi Hendrix in HIS 80's disco/peppy compositions.

* A couple of seconds at prelude of Voodoo Chile with wah wah effect strongly reminds the wah-wah effect at prelude of "Senyorita I love you" from Johnny.

* "Senyorita I love you" has prelude with solo "wah-wah effect" through electric lead guitar alike Voodoo Chile/ Voodoo child does. My point is Raaja sir had not replicated the same chord of Wah-Wah effect as in Voodoo Chile/ Voodoo child, however, he did attempt the idiom of prelude with solo Wah-Wah effect. That's it.

* In the movie Indru poi naalai vaa. A scene starts with synth/organ chord makes morning ambience. Once "Ennaththa kannaiyya" pops out from the ditch, Wah-Wah effect had been made through pedals.

* In the Kannada Movie - Pallavi Anu Pallavi {Priya O Priya (tamil)}, when Anil shows the hidden snaps of Deepti Naval, funky Wah-wah effect was made in its pedal through Electric Lead Guitar.

* Even, in the songs - 2nd interlude of Ithu oru nila kaalam from Tik Tik Tik & theme music of the same movie have Wah-wah effect.

* Netru intha neram from Presto kinda string orchestra originates this interlude with Wah-wah pedal, which continues to accompaines jazzy piano.

* Interludes of Panivizhum malarvanam & Neethane en pon vasantham from Ninaivellam Nithya have Wah-wah effect.

* Kavidhai paadu kuyile kuyile is supposed to be a soft rock song, which has stunning usage of bass guitar and flanging effects & Wah-wah effects.

Ratchasan {Tamil} or Rakshasudu {Telugu}:

* Nee mutham thanthal inikkum or Nee Meeda Naaku: It has accentuated beats throughout the song with stunning bass guitar & Wah-wah pedal effects.

* Accha Accha's prelude has mind-blowing jazz rhythm with cymbol and spin & span harmony by Janaki amma and choir or her echo effect {eh?} would steal de melody. It has interesting brass arrangement, synth chords and Wah-wah pedal effects.

* Hey naugthy {even in thamizhil also, Hey naugthy} has very rock structure: At 2nd interlude, bass guitar & Wah-wah effect with synth chord, which transfers to drum machine with funky sounds are so peppily peppily rock elements!

Mela Mela from Nirnayam: String orchestra arrangement at 1st interlude gives new color to the song whereas funky wah-wah effect of electric lead guitar through pedal at 2nd interlude gives more pep to the song.

So does many funk, Pop & Disco numbers of Him have the funky usage of Wah-Wah effect through Electric Lead guitar.


~~Raaja rules!

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