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Giri Pradakshina/Valam - 1st Kilometer

Being emotionally inclined to Raaja sir’s compositions, I intentionally did not make it out my presence onto Thiruvasagam in Oratorio audio release function {Jul 01, 2005}, however, during its function, all my thoughts were about it, I was in office, though.

On the same day, I left the office by very late evening and found a crowd near a TV showroom. OMG, I reckon, in KTV, Thiruvasagam in Oratorio audio release function was shown. I was not able to hear the speech; however, I could see Raaja sir in the frame. So, I was very glad and felt it like I got His dharsan.

When I came to know that this Album is available in Market, I went to Landmark - Spencer. As soon as, I entered the Hall, to my surprise, everywhere Raaja sir's poster {promo pixels of this album} were taped, my heart skipped beating. {When I was small, I used to see Raaja sir's posters onto walls, front mirror of autorickshaw, every casette shops, painting shops, friday al., - Nostalgic thought}. Some english song was played at that hall. I went near a rack, which is full of this divine album. Then, without any reluctant I took an album with my malicious and grimed hands, which has 6 holy compositions. My eyes were already filled with ceremonially impure moisture, which were trying to come across the lower eye-lids. I was not able to read the track names as my vision was blurred/hazy with smudge tears. It was more like Confession for me.

All of a sudden, when I heard a counter voice {intermingled with rustic, religiousness and holiness} of Raaja sir over the tenor voice of Ray Harcourt for the composition - Polla vinayen, I was not by myself. I was feeling celestial breeze let into my ears without my consent and started provoking the hidden spiritual cells. Goosebumps! When I checked my pocket I was having Rs.75 only. As I was in urge to know about this album, I did not take enough money with me. I believe my friend Sudharshan was with me and said he could offer the money to buy this CD. I was with my typical vanity and said “No, I suppose to buy this album with my own money”. {Is there anything called own money?} {Now, often I am buying this cd and offering it to others. Even, yesterday also I bought a cd for some anonymous person at my dad’s office}.

On that day, I just turned back to my end with some sort of satisfaction in my life. To my surprise, I found the Thiruvasagam Cd at my flat, which was bought by my Anna. He said "I know Kamal you would be longing to get this CD". At that very moment, I felt alike I am a blessed child onto this earth. Another coincidence, again Polla vinaiyein was played at my flat as
well when I reached there. Anna was pulling my legs said songs are so lengthy and et al., I did not mind anything and started playing the cd from the first song – Poovar senni mannar {A marching genre song}, march towards your target. As I’ve already heard the 1st verse of this song sung by Raaja sir at press meet. I have a clue how it sounds. Overwhelming! Polla vinaiyein, we were simply moved by the orchestra, exactly at 14th minute and 37th second. This composition is nothing but just a confession and at 17:53, it was alike renaissance. Pooverukonum Purantharanum sounded alike a devotional ballad with a pleasing vocal harmony at the last part. Umbarkatkarasaey has such a melancholic feel. Muthu Natramam made me to perplexed, how could these words fit into such a melody. Puttril vazh Aravum is such an inspirational song {Raaja sir's dialect and Alap, its melody would be imitiated by grand western string orchestra}, which I personally allied to Raaja sir’s typical gesture who does not frighten for any terrifying act.

As soon as I finished listening to the songs, I’ve called up Dr.Vijay venkatraman through phone. He was busy with his clients. Still, he took break to give consideration for my call and feedback. What I know about music to give the feedback of this devotional album made it in grand scale? When he questioned me “what do you feel about these compositions? I was panic and wordless. With all emotions, I said this album is tantamount to 100 times of “Thendral vendu theendum pothu” song as this song was an ultimate composition for me in this world. Juvenile behavior! I shall take this opportunity to thank Dr.Vijay venkatraman for all his patience and tolerance to listen to my Juvenile narration.

Once I am done with that call, I started listening to these compositions again. It was around 11 pm. I switched off all the lights and with headphone I started eavesdropping this album again. When I was listening to the composition - Umbarkatkarasaey, I became emotional and tears were poured out, I have closed my eyes, though. So, this song became my favorite song right away.

And in the last 5 years, more or less daily we would be listening to this Thiruvasagam album. By June 6th - June 18th {2004}, Raaja sir has composed the melodies and orchestra annotations for Thiruvasagam in Oratoria. So, for a sentiment, I have been listening only to Thiruvasagam songs for all these 12 days and today June 18th is Manickavasagar day. On this day, Manickavasagar has been incorporated to Lord Shiva. Also, I have been gathering the information all about the making of this album and other its oriented stuff.

Raaja sir has suffered lot while doing this project, so much of stress and also, offened by many ppl. Infact, whenever we do research on any ancient holy projects, these are common obstacles.

I have experienced the same kind of pain, if not upto what Raaja sir has been. Yup, it was 6 painful days {first}. I was not able to recognize what is what. From the 7th day, I was somewhat relaxed and attained the normal state.

By that time, I was reminded to Swami Vivekananda's lines {from his personal letter about his trip to Europe from Madras}

"Myself, I have no peace, am burning literally day and night, but somehow or other, wherever I go hundreds and, in some [places] as in Madras, thousands would come to me day and night and would be cured of their skepticism and unbelief but I—! I am always unhappy!! Thy will be done!!!".

P.S: So far travelled Giri Pradakshina/Valam is 1 Kilometer.

To be continued shortly...!


~~Raaja rules!

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