Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thiruvasagam in Oratoria - A Musical pilgrimage!

Today is a special day in Raaja sir’s music career. Yes, before 5 years today {June 6th} is the day on which Raaja sir has started off composing the melodies and its oriented orchestra annotation for the album “Thiruvasagam in Oratoria”. He has chosen some selected verses from the below:

Polla vinayen from Sivapuranam {Namashivaya vazhga},
Puttril vazh Aravum Anjen from Acchap paththu,
Pooverukonum Purantharanum from Thirukoth-thumbi {Shivanodu ikkiyum - Incorporating with Lord Shiva},
Umbarkatkarasaey from Pidiththa paththu {Muththik-kalap-puraiththal},
Muthu Natramam from Acchop pathikam {Anupava-vazhi ariyaamai},
Poovaar Senni Mannan from Yaaththirai paththu {Anubhava Athiitham uraiththal}.

He has accomplished the composing work on June 18th, which is actually saint Manickavasagar day! i.e., The music composing work of this project was well thought-out in the last 12 days of Saint Manickavasagar.

Besides the original verses, Raaja sir has appended a couple of lines in the composition - Puttril vazh Aravum Anjen: Vaathanur adigal {Saint Manickavasagar} vazhga, vaazhththum avar adiyaar vazhga!

Reportedly, these compositions are considered as “Classical Cross-over” genre. Infact, this album is an Oratorio album. Oratorio is a musical composition for vocal and orchestra, which narrates a sacred story {hymn} without any dramatic performance.

Basically, Oratorio is a work type. Considering the western factors, each compositions from this album fall into different genre.

Poovaar Senni Mannan is Marching genre,
Polla vinayen is Choral music genre {verse - Aakkam alavu is alone “A cappella”},
Thiruk koththumpi could be called as Guzzanelle {in lighter vein}. Guzzanelle is very amicable to Ballad. In that manner, Thiruk koththumpi is reportedly "Ballad" or "Devotional Ballad" {I did coin this term},
Umbarkatkarasaey – Choral music genre,
Muthu Natramam – Ballet Genre {in lighter vein},
Puttril vazh Aravum Anjen – Classical genre {Initially, it has mere opera elements of dialect}.

"சொல்லிய பாட்டின் பொருள் உணர்ந்து சொல்லுவார்
செல்வர் சிவபுரத்தின் உள்ளார் சிவன் அடிக்கீழ்ப்...

"Cholliya pattin porul unar{i}ndhu cholluvar
selvar Shivaburaththin ullar Shivan adikkizhp..."

The above lines are from last verse of Shivapuram {93rd and 94th lines}.

In Civan's town who dwell, - full many a one, - beneath...'

If someone understand this song {shivapuranam} and explain/narrate about this song then he/she would go to Lord shiva's place...!

Through this album Raaja sir has rewritten the norms of Oratorio. After all He is an incarnation of Music!


~~Raaja rules!

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