Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mystical experience


In my mobile phone, I have the 3 notes composition {Instrumental} composed for Italy concert as ringtone. My sister has the same ring tone for her hubby's call.

Mystical and whimsical experience:

She got a call from her hubby on evening of 3rd June. Initially, I thought, it was on my mobile and later realized that it was for her. Thenceforth, I was hearing the same flute piece around me. I found that it was not on my mobile and even, did not play this composition in my PC or any other means as well. I thought it could be my pre-occupied notation. After my sister was done with the call, She informed me that my mobile was ringing with the same tone, infact I did not receive any call. My sister and I were surprised and panic as we were able to hear the 3 notes flute with Ganjra rhythm continuously without any mode {music player}. Is it "caprice" or "A capriccio", eh? {chuckle}

P.S: I used to have Putham puthu kalai as ringtone and as my Anna has it for his mobie, I changed this spick and span composition as alarm tone. I mostly go to bed at morning and awake up at evening, though {wink}


~~Raaja rules!

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